I read. I question. I learn.

As you can see, I also tend to present my personality poorly–usually as something of a killjoy. For instance, I just had to consciously stop myself from typing ‘boor’ instead, which would be even more of a killjoy than killjoy. So, perhaps I am formal to a fault when writing.

However! In person I am constantly looking for an excuse to laugh. I would hope my reference to R. Kelly in the title of the site reflects that I don’t actually take myself too seriously. When there is no one else around to share in some humor or satire, I have my two small, adorable dogs to entertain me.

Halloween pups

I spend most of my free time preparing or eating my next meal. I thoroughly enjoy hosting friends and family. I’ve always found sharing a meal to be a simple yet profound act of humanity. Perhaps one of these days my wife and I will have you over!

I began the blog as an outlet for some of my thoughts on education beyond those pertinent to my Master’s in Education coursework. I decided to include further insights to my academic career on the site. Perhaps doing so will provide better context for my posts.

I recently created a brief professional development course as part of one of my graduate classes. The course, branded as Latino Language Learners 101, aims to guide classroom teachers in an exploration of the diversity of latino heritage and language. Check it out at https://classroom.google.com/c/MjQxOTQwNzAz Class code: 7knwgp

For a look at my professional profile, click here.

I also published a feature article years ago on an lesser known aspect of Japanese internment during WWII. Take a look!